Rancilio Rocky SD Doserless Burr Grinder

One of the most versatile grinders available on the home market. The Rocky SD Doserless grinds everything from espresso to french press. Read Full Description.


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Lancelot and Guinevere. Cleopatra and Mark Antony. Silvia and Rocky. Some Couples were meant to be, and Rancilio's love for espresso has resulted in a perfect match for Miss Silvia that will be remembered for generations (and last for generations as well, I mean seriously, Rancilio makes some incredible stuff!).

The Rocky SD Doserless grinder is built around the same commercial motor found in Rancilio's MD40 (costing about half a grand more) and sports the same 50mm flat burrs as the MD40 as well. A short shoot replaces the doser allowing for direct dosing into the portafilter which allows for accurate dosing and minimizes waste. Grind is controlled by rotating a 55 stepped grind adjustment mechanism attached to the hopper.



Beautiful Design Clean lines, quality workmanship, and minimalist design make an eye-catching grinder that looks great in the kitchen or office.

Stainless Steel and Black Finish looks great and compliments the Rancilio Silvia as well as most other home espresso machines.

Commercial Motor provides 166 watts of power and is built for years and years of service. 

Large 50mm Flat Burrs produce a consistent and uniform grind, from pour-over to espresso. 

55 Grind Settings allow for easy fine tuning of the grind and provide an easy to remember grind reference for switching between different styles of grind (French-Press all the way to espresso)

Doserless design allows for grinding directly into your machine's portafilter basket, minimizing waste and eliminating stale grounds in the hopper. 

Versitile The portafilter basket guide pulls out allowing for grinding into containers or filter baskets (Drip, Pour-over, French Press, Chemex, Toddy, Siphon...you name it).

Quiet Operation While the only grinders we know of that are truly "quiet" are powered by elbow grease, the Rocky is one of the quieter heavy duty Home espresso grinders we carry.

Overheat Protection keeps the motor safe in an unlikely event of a jam or overuse. 

Great Hopper Size As you will read elsewhere, one of our complaints of many grinders on the home market is the horkingly large bean hopper.  Unless you are preparing drinks for a large family, a large hopper allows too much air to circulate around the beans causing premature staleness.  The Rocky's hopper holds about 2/3rds of a pound. 

Size If you are stepping up from a grocery store whirlybird grinder, you might be taken back by the size of the Rocky (or any other quality burr grinder for that matter), but the rocky is designed to fit nicely under your upper kitchen cabinets and only measures 13 3/4 inches tall. 


Grinder Specific Information

Controls: On/Off Switch

Doser Type: Doserless / Direct Dosing Model

Compatibility: Compatible with every espresso machine portafilter we carry (except pods)

Grind Control: Stepped (55 steps)

Bean Hopper: Blue Tinted Plastic / 0.66 Pound Capacity


Warranty Info

Venia Coffee is proud to offer a 12-Month parts and labor warranty on this item.



Frame: Aluminum

Finish:Stainless Steel

Bean Hopper: Blue Tinted Plastic


Technical Data

Usage: Home/Office (Non-Commercial Warranty)

Dimensions (W*D*H): 5.2 inches X 9.75 inches X 13.75 inches

Weight: 17 pounds

Shipping Weight: 19 pounds

Hopper Size: 300 grams / .66 pounds

Motor Power: 166 Watts (120V)

Voltage: 120 - 130 V

Hz: 50/60 

Origin: Italy


{Note: Our focus is on quality and service.  Because of this Venia Coffee bench tests each grinder before being shipped out to you, and as a result some coffee grounds may be present.  But rest assured, you are receiving a brand new unit.}

Additional Information

Brand Rancilio
Product # ROCKYSD

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