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Last month we blogged about a Chinese Orphan named Crystal in the Love Without Boundaries program, and let our customers know about her need for cleft lip & palate repair surgery.  We are happy to announce that because of your generous donations directly to Love Without Boundaries, yesterday Crystal received the surgery she needed!

Baby Cristal, a Chinese Orphan, has recieved the surgery she needed because of the generosity of people like you!


Here is an update from her surgical coordinator with LWB:

"Although Crystal was quite grumpy this morning when our staff in China visited her at the hospital, the doctors said that her surgery went very well.  Crystal is wearing a wire brace over her mouth to keep the pressure off of her lip as it heals.  She will probably stay in the hospital for a few more days before having her stitches removed and heading back to her orphanage."

Venia Coffee would like to thank you for changing this little girls life.  Now pray with us that she will find a forever family!

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