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Espro Press - The Cleanest French Press

Posted on November 3, 2011 by Venia Coffee Roasters | Keith There have been 0 comments

Espro is a newer company in the specialty coffee world, but they have some truly remarkable barista products.  With the same innovation, quality and uniqueness that have won them notoriety in the espresso realm, they have brought into the home with the Espro Press.

What makes the double walled insulated stainless steel Espro Press different than every other french press is its double stage micro-filter. This unique patented filter makes one of the cleanest cups of coffee from a press pot I have ever had, while still retaining the abundant body and mouth-feel that has made french press fans happy for eons.  I was sold at first sip and knew I needed to offer these little beauties.

Espro Press

Brewing is straight forward and easy, add 18-22 grams of fresh coarsely ground coffee, fill with water that has just reached boil and start your timer for 3-4 minutes (I prefer 4).  About 30 second before the timer goes off, gently stir and knock down the coffee bloom on top.  Then slowly plunge, pour and enjoy.

The double wall construction keeps the brew temperature steady for great extraction, but be careful as it may be be hotter that what you are accustomed to drinking from a french press.  It is currently available only in an 8 ounce size, which is about one coffee cup full.  Rumor has it that a larger model is in development, will keep you posted.

This makes a great gift for the coffee lover that you know.  Espro Press

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