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Mazzer Grinders Burr Comparison

Posted on March 13, 2012 by Venia Coffee Roasters | Keith There have been 0 comments

We have fielded lots of questions about the difference between the many different Mazzer coffee and espresso grinders we offer.  The Mazzer grinder line can roughly be divided into two different groups based on the style of burr sets used: Flat and Conical.

The goal for a good extraction (espresso or coffee) is a grind that has a very small range of particle sizes.  As a very basic generalization, conical burrs are better at making a consistently narrow range of particle sizes and are the choice of most quality focused coffee bars. Conical burr grinders can be quite expensive, however, as the process of manufacturing the burr sets is extremely labor intensive and time consuming.

But do not think that flat burr grinders are not capable of producing an exceptional grind as they make up a majority of what you will see behind the counter at your local cafe.  They are much less expensive then their bigger conical cousins too!  Flat burrs, however, do tend to take longer to grind the equivalent amount of coffee as compared to conical grinders.

As you can probably guess from looking at the above images, the Mazzer Robur Electronic grinder is the fastest in the line up.  The massive and aggressive teeth are coupled to a whopping 900 watt motor and can dose a double shot of espresso in about 3-4 seconds (it also has an auger that is not shown to force the beans into the teeth).  On the other end of the scale is the Mazzer Mini with 58 mm flat burrs coupled to a 250 watt motor; it can dose a double shot in around 15-18 seconds. Many cafe's use the Mini for lower demand coffees like decaf.  It has also become one of the most popular grinders for serious home users.

Perhaps the most popular of the Mazzer grinders is the Super-Jolly.  It is a very nice fit for a medium paced bar who does not have a huge budget.  The Major's 83mm flat burrs with aggressive tooth pattern make it one of the faster flat burr grinders on the market.  Look at the above image to get a visual on how much more grinding surface the Major burrs have compared to the Super-Jolly's.

If you every have any questions about grinders, please send us an email (or give us a call and we will do our best to answer all of your questions.

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