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Stopped by the UNIC booth at SCAA Event Portland 2012 to check out the newest machine to be released into the pressure profiling market, the Stella di Caffé Viper.  As with the other Stella di Caffé models I have seen, they remind me of a Juke Box in a Route 66 soda shop.  Their computer/operating system offers intelligent boiler temperature management and a workflow similar to a smartphone.  But what sets the VIPER apart are the large handles on the top of the machine, reminiscent of a hot-rodded old La Pavoni lever.



First Look:

The Unic Viper uses air (which is compressible) in a chamber above the brew group and the handle to to control brew pressure.  Pulling the handle forward (to mid position) opens a valve and activates the pump.  Water flows into the brew-group compressing the air.  Pulling the handle all the way forward closes the valve and pressure slowly falls as water is forced through coffee in the portafilter.  The barista can manage brew pressure by opening/closing the valve.  A completely new approach to pressure profiling.   Mechanically simple compared to other pressure profiling machines on the market and it certainly warrants more investigation.  Pulled some excellent shots too!




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