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The Large Espro Press | Venia Pays a Visit to Vancouver, BC

Posted on June 18, 2012 by Venia Coffee Roasters | Keith There have been 0 comments

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to head north on I-5 to visit our wonderful neighbors across the border in Vancouver, BC. Vancouver is the home to the creators of one of the most coveted coffee makers in the Venia lab, the Espro Press.


 US Canada Border Marker

Border marker at Peace Arch Park. Heading North to visit Espro in Vancouver, BC


If you are not familiar with Espro yet, they have brought several innovative products to the specialty coffee market in the past few years.  The first Espro product to make waves was the Espro Calibrated Tamper, an idea birthed to standardize one of the major variables in making espresso.  Designed to click when 30lbs of force is applied while tamping, this one product simply and easily improved the pull-to-pull consistency of even the best baristas on the bar.


Espro Calibrated Tamper, Vancouver BC.

The calibrated tamper was soon followed by the Toroid frothing pitchers designed to facilitate better milk circulation while frothing and texturing milk. Their next major project was to improve upon one of the most tried and true coffee brewing devices available, the french press.  But how does how do you improve on a classic?


One of the joys of brewing with a french press compared to a method with a paper filter is all the wonderful aromatic oils that make it into the cup.  Nearly miniscule in volume, these oils can bring subtleties and nuances to a good coffee and make it great.  However, french press coffee brewers allow a large amount of "fines" into the cup as well, often leaving a little mud on the bottom of the drinkers mug.  Espro found a way to reduce the "fines" without removing the coveted aromatic oils.


Espro designed new two-stage filter to accomplish this.  The first stage is basket shaped and dips below the bed of grounds, which allows the initial filter to be significantly finer than most presses.  In and of itself, the first filter performs better than most other french presses we have used, but Espro added a second filter that is even finer than the first and removes many of the smaller "fines" while allowing oils to pass by.  The filter design alone sets the Espro Press apart. But wait there's more!


Temperature is a key to an excellent extraction, and most glass or stainless press pots loose a significant amount of heat during the brewing process.  Espro created their press fully vacuum insulated for phenomenal heat retention.  The only drawback to this remarkable product is the small  8 ounce size.  Perfect for a single person, but not so much for two or more.


Chris McLean Espro
Chris McLean, Co-Founder, of Espro with the new 30oz Espro Press


Enter the newest product to the Espro lineup, the 30oz Espro Press.  Venia Coffee was proud to be one of the major contributors of the Kickstarter campaign to bring this great new product to market.  With the same high quality vacuum insulated stainless steel construction and a larger two-stage micro filter, the 30 ounce press brings the same quality of coffee as the original, but brews enough for 3-4 people to enjoy.


Chris McLean, one of the founders of Espro, was gracious to give me a quick tour of their facilities in Vancouver, and I got to watch the final assembly of the some of the 30oz presses.  They are a great team of people with a passion for bringing innovation to market.


Bruce Constantine and Chris McLean founded Espro in 2003

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