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  • Square Peg Espresso | Uganda Kabum Cooperative

    Posted on January 29, 2013 by Venia Coffee Roasters | Keith

    Square Peg Espresso

    We are excited to announce that our Square Peg Signature Espresso blend is now using an amazing coffee from Uganda's Kabum Cooperative, produced high on the slopes of Mt. Elgon.

    This fully washed coffee is grown on the beautiful slopes of Mt. Elgon, an extinct volcano that sits on the border between Uganda and Kenya.  We chose this coffee to be the backbone of our Square Peg Espresso for many reasons, primarily because of its clean, sweet chocolate & citrus profile with a lush mouth-feel.  That all said, it is really-really freakin' delicious when pulled as an espresso.

    We also love how this coffee is produced, by the Kabum Cooperative farmers.  Kabum was started back in 2003 when a group from Oregon went to the area to build a small well to provide fresh water for the rural community of Kapchorwa.  What they saw was a community that needed more than clean water to succeed, they needed a means to escape the exploitation of their poverty.  Through a sponsorship program a school was built and the process of slowly empowering this community was under way.

    A bigger problem was clearly evident, however, that until families could earn a sustaining wage for their hard work, change would be difficult to come by and maintain.  After learning more about the incredible coffee growing potential of the terroir, Kabum was founded.

    Kabum has been able to return a much larger portion of profits to farmers because of their "True Trade" model of operation.  Venia Coffee buys coffee directly from Kabum, as opposed to a third party importer, and more of the profit goes back to the farmers. 2011 was the first crop year to hit US soil.  2012's coffee crop was even better and 2013's crop is looking to be the best yet.


    Uganda Kabum Farmers on Mt. Elgon


    Higher quality coffee can be sold for more, so the Co-op pays bonuses to farmers for higher quality coffees.  Education and training for farmers who aren't hitting the mark is also provided. Washing stations have been and are being built, a key to high quality coffee.  Low interest micro-loans allow farmers to purchase the land they farm and the equipment used for farming.  Lastly, more and more children in the Kabum community are receiving educations.   For the first time in the area's history, the exploitation of local residents is facing opposition. Does your coffee do that?

    Try a bag of Square Peg Signature Espresso today!

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