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20 Second Peak at a Guatemalan Coffee Wet Mill

Posted on February 20, 2014 by Venia Coffee Roasters | Keith There have been 0 comments

Our friends posted this video of their coffee at a wet mill in Guatemala.

There are several methods for processing coffee, one of our favorites is wet process (aka washed, fully washed).  Shortly after being picked by hand, coffee cherries are taken to the mill where they are first sorted in water tanks, then sent through the pulper, which is what is shown here. The pulper removes the skin and much of the fruit from the coffee bean.  After this, the coffee is then sent to fermentation tanks where they will stay for about 24-48 hours.

In the video you can see the red coffee cherries going into the mill.  In the last few seconds of the video you can watch the de-pulped coffee beans exiting the mill.  At this point they are whitish/light yellow in color and still covered in a sticky mucilage that is removed in the fermentation tanks.


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