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New Colombia & Java Offerings Now Available

Posted on March 3, 2015 by Venia Coffee Roasters | Keith There have been 0 comments


We have two great new offerings available now for purchase on the website:

The first offering is from Banexport's Colombia 90 point "Million Pesos" program and is a real treat.  Grown on the Bellavista estate by farmer Alexander Cortes, this offering won't last long so grab some while we have it. Super creamy mouth-feel, cane sugar sweetness, cherry, lemon, and a clean finish.


Colombia Finca Bellavista | Alexander Cortes Million Pesos Program


The second offering is a regional mix of fully washed coffee from West Java, or Java Sunda.  Remarkably clean and refined, a product of farmer/producer education and infrastructure investment, this Java lot is an example of the amazing potential of an often passed over growing region when it comes to specialty coffee.  Many of the subtitles of Indonesian coffees are completely covered over by the powerful, in your face flavors of the traditional wet-hulling process produces.  The washed processing on this lot brings out flavors of baking spice, black tea, raisins, and raw sugar.  Yummy!


Java Sunda Gunung Tilu Coffee


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