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New Coffees are Landing

Posted on June 14, 2016 by Venia Coffee Roasters | Keith There have been 0 comments

We have a few new additions to our coffee offerings we are excited to share.


Our first Kenya of the season is now available.  It is a smaller lot, so it won't be around for too long. If you like big, flavorful, exotic Kenyan coffees, this Nyiri Mugaga Cooperative won't disappoint.  Full of fruit...well, exploding with fruit might be more appropriate of a description.  Blood orange, raspberry, grape, and hosts of other flavors reveal themselves as the coffee cools.  Brew double strength and pour over ice for a crisp and refreshing summer drink.  ORDER KENYA NYIRI MUGAGA HERE



This second offering has been in for a month actually, but it is a profoundly delicious Brazil from the state of Bahai.  Toffee, milk chocolate, almond, and tropical fruit play well together in a beautifully balanced cup.  Mild acidity, but enough to keep it lively.  Brews well in your drip coffee maker and pulls fantastically as espresso.  When a ristretto espresso shot is added to milk, expect chocolate and vanilla.  Our favorite in warm weather is an espresso shot of this Fazenda Floresta shaken with a tablespoon of simple syrup and 4oz of whole milk, then poured over ice.  Yummy.  ORDER BRAZIL FAZENDA FLORESTA HERE

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