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Notes of Toffee, Chocolate, Tropical Fruit. Big body, with a soft acidity. Shines as Espresso.

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This is one of those coffees that is pleasing on many levels. When we first tasted it on our cupping table we knew we had to have it. While Brazil produces a disproportionately large percentage of the world's coffee, much of it is commodity grade and ultimately headed into over-roasted blends from multi-national companies who sell coffee purposed more towards caffeine delivery than enjoyability. But fear not, family farms like Fazenda Floresta are busy staking out a place on the map for amazing coffees from Brazil.

Coffee is grown organically on coffee plants that co-mingle with other crops, fertilized with composted livestock goodies, and meticulously harvested and processed.  The resulting coffee is truly enjoyable from start to finish.  One of our most favorite single origin espressos in recent memory.   


Lot Information:

Producer: Fazenda Floresta

Region: Bahia, Brazil

Varietals:  Catuai

Altitude:  1000-1200 Meters Above Sea-Level

Process: Sun Dried Pulped Natural, Organic Certified


Espresso Preparation:

We recommend starting with the following parameters, then adjust to your specific tastes.

BREW RATIO: We love this pulled short in the Ristretto style, 1 part coffee to 1 parts water.  However 1:2 brew ratio pulls are quite satisfying too.


DOSE: 20 grams

TIME: 30 seconds

VOLUME: 25ml (about 1oz)


Additional Information

Brand Venia Coffee
Coffee Type Roasted
Weight No
Certifications Organic
Growing Country Brazil
Growing Region Latin America
Roast Degree Medium Roast

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