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French Press Coffee Makers

One of the most popular methods to brew quality coffee. French presses are known to produce coffee with a fuller body and richer mouth-feel than other methods of brewing. They are quick and easy to use with a little instruction.

1) Coarsely grind whole bean coffee using a quality burr grinder (only grind what you use, coffee loses much of its aromatic components within an hour of being ground)

2) Add 1 slightly rounded Tablespoon of coffee per 4oz of water used (7grams coffee / 4oz water).

3) Fill with pre-boiled water, saturating all the grounds (ideal temperature is about 200 degrees F.  If you boil water in a teapot, it will reach 200 degrees after about 2 minutes after being removed from heat).

4) If you are using fresh, quality coffee, you will notice a large layer of foamy coffee grounds on the surface, this is good!  Use a spoon to gently stir and break up this bloom about 10 seconds before plunging.

5) After 4 minutes, place the filter assembly on top, and gently push down to plunge (if it is very difficult to plunge use a coarser grind for you next batch). 

6) Pour and enjoy!