Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

Espresso Machines can be placed in 3 basic categories: Manual, Semi-Automatic, & Superautomatic. Manual machines generally consist of a water boiler and a lever to produce the pressure needed for extraction. Semi-Automatics consist of 1 or 2 boilers and a pump to produce extraction pressure. Manual and Semi-Automatics require a grinder (or pre-ground coffee). Automatics are self contained, grinding, frothing milk, and producing espresso all at the touch of a button.

Semi-Automatics are by far the most popular type of esprsso machines.  In fact, most cafes use commercial versions of semi-automatic machines.  They offer the flexibility to change particular variables allowing you to get the most from a particular bean.  At the same time, Semi-Automatics allow for shot-to-shot consistancy which is extremely important to repeating good results.