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Light roasting is a style that was once commonplace and is once again becoming more and more popular again in the United States. At this roast degree the aromas and flavors have been developed to their peak, the fruity acids that bring brightness to the cup are still present, and no burnt or bitter sugars have developed to add bitterness to the cup. Medium to light body is typical for light roasts.

The surface of the beans is dry (oil-free) and mottled.

Common names for Light Roasts include: Light, City, Regular City, American, Medium American

Typical Agtron Scale for our Dark Roasts: 70-55


Medium roasting has been the choice roasting style for many West-Coast roasters.  At this roast degree some of the subtler nuances and flavors start to decrease,  fruity acids are muted, caramelization of sugars are at their peak, and (near the darker end of the "medium" scale) some bitter-sweetness enters the cup.  Body is typically at its fullest in medium roasts.

The surface of the beans is typically dry (oil-free) and smoother than light roasts.

Common names for our Medium Roasts include: Viennese, Full-City, Continental, & Light Espresso

Typical Agtron Scale for our Dark Roasts: 55-45

Dark (...well, for us, more acurately "Medium-Dark"):

While many large commercial roasters make dark roasting their norm, we feel strongly that only a handful of coffees are improved by roasting dark. The darker the roast the more any characteristic bean flavors (and fruity acids) are lessened. Body drops away and bittersweet & pungent flavors dominate on the darker end of the roasting scale.

At Venia Coffee, our dark roasts are more likely classified as Medium-Dark roasts. Because of the loss of body and brightness when roasting dark, we typically only start with coffees beans that are naturally full bodied and bright to ensure a rich and flavorful cup.  As a broad generalization, we feel the "Big Classics" like Colombian, Guatemalan and washed Brazilian coffees do well roasted medium-dark...but remember that there is always an exception to the rule. 

The surface of the beans usually have spots or patches of oil and are smooth with cracks forming.

Common names for our Medium-Dark roasts are: Full-City+, Espresso Roast and French Roast

Typical Agtron Scale for our Dark Roasts: 45-40