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Durgol Swiss Espresso | Espresso Machine Decalcifier

Durgol Swiss Espresso is a special decalcifier for quality espresso machines of all brands, including fully automatic machines, semi-automatic machines, manual machines as well as machines working with coffee pods or capsules.

Durgol Swiss Espresso is highly effective, easy and safe to use and descales espresso machines quickly and easily without the need for an extended wait for the decalcification process to work. Regular use of this special formula will ensure the optimal quality of your espresso and extend the life span of your machine. Durgol Swiss Espresso leaves no residue and after decalcification and rinsing, your machine is completely safe for use.

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Durgol Swiss Espresso

Calcium scale is one of the leading causes of espresso machine failure or shortened life-span.  Durgol Swiss Espresso is a safe, cost effective, and quick step in keeping your espresso maker working like new. It is food-safe and environmentally friendly.


Instructions For Descaling Espresso Machines:

{Always consult your machine's  manufacturer and owner's manual  before descaling with any product.}

  • Read your machine owner's manual and included Durgol informational brochure for complete instructions. 
  • Put 1 single-portion bottle (4.2fl.oz./125ml) of durgol® swiss espresso® into the water tank.
  • Dilute the decalcifier with the same amount of tap water. (Use the empty package to measure.)  
  • Let this solution run through the coffee dispenser. If you are not able to start the machine with this amount of liquid, continue filling the water tank until you can. There should be approximately 16.8fl.oz./0.5L in the tank.
  • Catch the water in a glass or plastic container that is large enough to prevent splashing as it flows out of the machine. Be careful - the liquid is hot!
  • After decalcification, rinse the water tank with tap water.  Finally, rinse the machine by running 1-2 tankfuls of tap water through it.
  • Use your machine as normal.


Product Details:

  • Two 4.2 fl.oz. Bottles | 125 ml each
  • Food-Safe
  • Formulated for use in espresso machines
  • Contains 15% Amidosulfonic Acid


Do not use in combination with other cleaning products.  Avoid contact of Durgol Express with acid sensitive surfaces such as marble, limestone, thin or damaged chrome plating, certain types of chrome steel, enamel and silver, as they can be damaged by the decalcifier.  Contains 15% amidosulfonic acid. 

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Brand Durgol
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    Great product

    Review by Sarah on April 3, 2013

    Great product, I use it regularly for my DeLonghi espresso machine. Great descaler if you want your machine to last.

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