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Mirth Espresso | FullCity+ Roast

We are changing our name to Berry Tree Coffee Roasters.  All the amazing coffees you have come to expect are now available at our new website: 

This amazing espresso blend has come to an end, but say tuned for the release of our all Brazil SAMBA ESPRESSO.  Full of peanuts, chocolate, toffee, and a bit of fruity cherry, we are really excited about it.  Available September 1st.

This blend is all about comfort.  Full of rich chocolate, syrupy-sweet body, thick crema, muted acidity with notes of dried fruit and nuts.  Excellent in milk.

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Mirth is an excellent dual purpose blend.  Brewed it makes a smooth, well rounded cup with chocolate tones and soft fruit notes tying it all together.  Pulled as espresso, it makes a thick, rich, syrupy shot.  Chocolate dominates with just enough bitter-sweetness to keep it balanced.  As it cools a bit, cooked fruit flavors come to the front with an balanced acidity that is reminiscent of a high quality chocolate bar.  We hope it brings a little mirth to your day. 

Brew Recommendations:

Espresso: We like this pulled short in the ristretto style.  Start with a 1:1 brew ratio and aim for a 30 second brew time.  Brew ratios closer to the normal 1:2 also work well resulting in some of the chocolate and syrupy body being toned down. 

Brewed:  Works great in auto-drip machines, pourover and french press, very versatile.  Start with 1 part coffee to 16 parts water by weight to start.  

Additional Information

Brand Venia Coffee
Coffee Type Roasted
Weight 12oz
Certifications *
Growing Country No
Growing Region Latin America, Espresso, Blend
Roast Degree Dark Roast

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