Quick Mill Silvano Espresso Machine

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Quick Mill Silvano Home Espresso Machine

Quick Mill packed many features found much more expensive machines and included them in the Silvano, all for under $1000. A Gicar PID offers incredible temperature accuracy, A thermoblock quickly provides abundant steam, and the stainless steel construction looks great and will last a lifetime. If you want to make several drinks back-to-back but don't want to spend a bunch more money for a larger Heat-Exchange or Dual-Boiler machine, the Silvano might just fit the bill nicely.

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Quick Mill upped the ante when they created this mid-level machine by packing many features found in much more expensive machines into the Silvano.  Priced under $1000, the Silvano has a lot to offer:  the Gicar PID offers incredible temperature accuracy for dialing in a perfect extraction, a thermoblock quickly provides abundant steam and can be independently turned off to conserve energy,  two dedicated pumps (one for the brew boiler and one for the steam thermoblock), and stainless steel construction looks great and will last a name a few.  The Silvano is a really classy little machine!

This video demonstrates the continuous steam ability of the thermoblock equipped Silvano. The thermoblock eliminates any lag time between pulling an espresso shot and frothing milk.



Stainless Steel offering durability, strength, and a great looking machine to have on your counter.

High-capacity Removable Water Reservoir holds 2 liters (over 1/2 gallon). 

58mm Grouphead used a commercial portafilter.

Professional 58mm Portafilter Handle Double spout, chrome Plated, Commercial Grade and ships with three baskets (Single / Double / Blank).

Blank Basket Included for cleaning and maintenance.

Adjustable expansion valve located under the group.  No need to remove the shell to adjust.

2 Vibratory Pumps One dedicated to brew boiler, one dedicated to steam thermoblock.  Both have klixon thermal fuses for overheat protection. 

Brew Water Boiler  holds .7 liters, and is powered by a PID controlled 600 watt heating element

Dedicated Steam Thermoblock eliminates cycling between brew/steam in the boiler.

Thermoblock can be turned on and off independently of the brew boiler to save energy.

PID Temperature Control is adjustable for incredible temperature stability. Fahrenheit or Celsius programmable.

Articulating Steam Arm with 1-hole steam tip. 

Nice Sized Drip Tray removes easily for cleaning and is made from the same beautiful stainless steel as the rest of the machine.

Cup Warmer warms cups using the ambient heat given off from the boiler.

Indicator Lights indicate machine is turned on and when a heating element is turned on.

Boiler Pressure Gauge indicates extraction pressure.


Specific Information

Controls: Boiler On/Off Switch -  PID Controls ; Brew Pump Switch ; Thermoblock Steam Switch

Portafilter Size: 58mm

Grinder Compatibility: This machine requires a high quality burr grinder capable of a fine espresso grind.

PID Type: Gicar

Reservoir: Yes

Direct Plumb: No Single Boiler / Thermoblock / Double Boiler: Thermoblock


Warranty Info

Venia Coffee is proud to offer a 2 year parts and labor warranty on this item.




Finish:Stainless Steel

Grouphead: Chromed Marine Brass


Technical Data

Usage: Home/Office (Non-Commercial Warranty)

Dimensions (W*D*H): 10.5 inches X  13 inches X 16 inches

Boiler Size: 0.7 Liters (Brew Water)

Boiler Power: 600 W (Brew Water)

Thermoblock (Steam) Power: 1000

Weight: 35 pounds

Shipping Weight:

Voltage: 110V - 15 amp

Hz: 60 

Origin: Italy 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Semi-Automatic espresso machines require a quality grinder (pre-ground coffee will not work) and proper technique, which can take some learning to achieve great results.  We will be happy to discuss this with you before your purchase.  We love talking coffee too, so we would be glad to speak with you after your purchase to help you achieve the most from your machine. 

Additional Information

Brand Quickmill
Product # 4005
Brewer Type Espresso
Boiler Type Single Boiler with Thermoblock

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    Very Happy with Advice, Purchase, and Assistance

    Review by Julieta on July 7, 2013

    I purchased the Quick Mill Silvano espresso machine and the free "starter" kit that Venia sends along with this. I spoke with Keith on the phone before buying this machine, although I had already done a fair amount of investigation on my own. He was very helpful and explained all details clearly. Based on his input I purchased this machine and am glad I did. It works like a dream. I have been making cappuccino and lattes for the family for the last week or so and have worked out the kinks. The tamper Venia sent is great, heavy and comfortable in the hand and makes a smooth finish. I also really like the square peg coffee they sent. It seems a little more chocolatey or mellow than the Rustico coffee I had from Counter Culture. I will get some more of that. My grinder had to be recalibrated as the shots were coming out too fast on the finest grind, but that was easy. Temperature consistency is great, lots of crema, you can turn around and do milk as often as you like, presumably thanks to the thermablock feature. Cleaning and filling are easy, pressure is about 8.5 to 9 bars on a shot. There is no light (had to use a flashlight to see the color of the tails of coffee) and no water dispenser. On the other hand, no plumbing either. Perfect for professional performance at home. The machine is shiny and attractive. Don't think you could fit it under cabinets and still put cups on top, but doesn't take up much space on an open counter. Follow up service has also been excellent--you can call with any question and get quick and knowledgeable response. Thank you.

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