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Quick Speed Espresso | North Italian Style

Our darkest roast, and a clean take of the North Italian style of espresso. If you like your espresso with a little gravitas, Quick Speed is for you. Muted acidity, bittersweet chocolate, sweet & syrupy body, thick crema, and notes of dried fruit and nuts makes for a real treat. Excellent in milk.

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Styled after the iconic blends of Northern Italy, Trieste to be precise, we roast just enough to develop the signature bittersweet chocolate notes of this style while avoiding the burnt flavors that we find a bit offensive. Complimented by a thick, syrupy, sweet body with notes of dried fruit and hazelnut.

The name, "Quick Speed" recalls an era where steam power was burgeoning and was becoming the driving force of transportation.  Much doubt surrounded the dangers of high pressure steam in a steel-clad vessel.  This skepticism inspired an unknown artist to render a mocking caricature of "Mr. Golightly" riding a steam powered rocket that was "Warranted not to Burst," and covered by "Quick & Speed's Safety Patent." 

The Italian developers of espresso machines past faced the same dangers of high pressure steam in enclosed steel vessels.  Quick Speed Espresso is our tribute to these Italian pioneers of espresso preparation coffee.   We hold our cups high!

Additional Information

Brand Venia Coffee
Coffee Type Roasted
Weight 12oz
Certifications *
Growing Country No
Growing Region Latin America, Espresso, Blend
Roast Degree Dark Roast

Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Fit & Finish

    Amazing flavor

    Review by Josh on August 7, 2015

    Purchased this at the recommendation of the owner Keith for doing my Toddy cold brew. I could not be happier. An amazing bold, chocolatey flavor. It makes my iced coffees so great! I would purchase again without a second thought.
  • Quality
    Fit & Finish

    Totally loved it!

    Review by Jon on June 22, 2015

    Loved it. This blend tasted of Swiss dark chocolate, cocoa butter, cloves, and black cherry. The mouthfeel is silky and buttery.

    I guess some would refer to this espresso as a comfort blend, but calling it a typical comfort blend would be like comparing a Mars bar to a fine box of chocolates.

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