Rancilio Silvia V3 Espresso Machine

The Legend of the coffee world. Perhaps the most bang for your buck in a home espresso machine.

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The Legend of the coffee world. I resist to say "home" coffee world because this little machine is the one that started not only the home coffee revolution, but major trends in temperature stability and profiling found in third-wave coffee bars can owe a debt of gratitude to little Miss Silvia (Read CoffeeGeek's Review for more details) . There really is a lot to say about the 3rd generation of this machine, so let's start talking!

Silvia is a proven, simple, sturdy, reliable, and attractive espresso machine.  In the price range, it has historically been the hands down best machine on the market...and even today, with the recent availability of many new machines to the consumer market, the Silvia Version 3 is really hard to beat.  Silvias also have a high resale value, a testament to its ability to consistently pull great shots and to Rancilio's superb engineering.

Many retailers of Rancilio home line products are resellers from a third-party, but we are an authorized reseller of Rancilio products so you can take heart knowing that you will receive excellent service and support. 



Supporting frame in black-painted iron makes a solid and heavy machine.

High-capacity 67 oz. Removable Water Reservoir is easy to fill while in the machine, or remove to fill in the sink. 

Body and control panel in satin-finish stainless steel is durable, sleek, and easy to clean.

Group-head and boiler in marine brass provides thermal mass for temperature stability.

Chrome Plated Group-head (brew group) similar to Rancilio's commercial machines.

Professional 58mm portafilter Chrome Plated, Commercial Grade and ships with two baskets (Single / Double).

Adjustable OPV (Over Pressure Valve) allows a reduction in pump pressure (say goodbye 15 bar at the puck) allowing for a more ideal 9-10.5 bar.

Heavy Duty Pump Provides plenty of pressure and is built to last.

Combined Brew / Steam Boiler provides the excellent frothing capacity.

Commercial Grade Steam Wand produces micro-foam that is quite capable of being used for latte art with a bit of practice.

3-Way Pressure Release Valve leaves a dry puck in the portafilter basket.

3 Thermostats for Boiler, Stem and Group-head.

Drip Tray removes easily for cleaning and is made from the same beautiful stainless steel as the rest of the machine.

Cup Warmer warms cups using the ambient heat given off from Silvia's boiler.


Technical Data

Dimensions (W*D*H): 11.4inches X 9.3 inches X 13.4 inches

Weight: 30.8lb

Shipping Weight:

Boiler Size: 0.3 Liters / 0.08 Gal

Boiler Power: 950 W (120V) - 1100 W

Voltage: 120 - 130 V

Hz: 50/60 


IMPORTANT NOTE: While the Silvia has made a big name for itself and is quite popular, it is not for everyone.  Using a Semi-Automatic espresso machine requires a quality grinder (pre-ground coffee will not work) and proper technique, which can take some learning. 

Additional Information

Brand Rancilio
Product # RASILV
Brewer Type Espresso
Boiler Type Single Boiler

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Customer Reviews

  • Fit & Finish

    Love this Machine!

    Review by Jason on December 10, 2011

    Had my Silvia and Rocky for 2 months now and I can't say how happy I am with it. Upgraded from an old Starbucks Barista machine and what a night and day difference. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but that is true with all culinary things I think. Pulling shots with almost 100% crema, and my wife has started to drink americanos instead of lattes as the coffee isn't bitter from this machine.

    I usually make 4-6 drinks a day, depending on who is home, and our Starbucks bill has shrunk to almost nothing.

    While it is over 600 bucks, as a family we were easily spending 40 dollars a week on lattes...doing the math makes the Silvia much more attractive.

    Love it.

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