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Rekrow | Butane Burner for Yama Siphon Coffee Brewers

This is a must have upgrade for Vac-Pot / Coffee Siphon Brewers. The Rekrow / Yama butane BN-1 boils the brew water much faster than alcohol and offers adjustable heat output for temperature regulation. Read Full Description.


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If you have brewed many times on a Yama or Hario Siphon (Vac-Pot) using the included alcohol burner, you realize quickly that it is the limiting factor in an otherwise near perfect brewing device. But worry not, the Rekrow BN-1 burner is the perfect remedy.

Fill with readily available butane fuel, click the electronic ignition and dial in the heat with the well designed adjustment knob and you are good to go.  While small, it is built tough (it was originally made for work in commercial labs). During the brew process, once the water is in the upper chamber, it is easy to turn down the heat to maintain the perfect brew temp (we recommend using a thermometer to monitor brew water temp, but we can be pretty finicky too). 


Instant on Electronic Ingition make startup quick and easy, and no more matches!

Easy Flame Adjustment by turning the easy to reach knob.

Easy to Refill using butane fuel available at most grocery stores. (Because of shipping rules, we cannot ship butane fuel.)

Long Burn Time It is said it works for 45 minutes on one fill-up.  We generally get 5 pots on our 5-cup Yama Syphon between fill ups. 

Versatile We are always finding ways this burner comes in handy. Our favorite: Roasting marshmallows for smores. 

Burns Hot!  Max output of around 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Fits Most Table-Top Siphons we have tried, including the Yama TCA-5D, TCA-3D & TCA-2D, and the Hario/Bonmac 5 and 3 cup models.

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Brand Rekrow
Product # YAMBN1

Customer Reviews

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    A must have!

    Review by Nick on May 2, 2015

    I was apprehensive to purchase a butane burner at first but, upon doing research and measuring the temperature of my water, I was not achieving the desired 205F with the stock alcohol burner. This butane burner is heaving duty, easy to use and refill, and heats the water very rapidly. The control allows you to fine tune the flame and maintain your desired temperature so, you end up with a perfectly brewed coffee.
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    Fit & Finish

    Excellent product

    Review by Lance K on March 6, 2013

    This burner is a beautifully crafted sturdy device. It makes a HUGE difference when making coffee using our table-top Yama Syphon coffee maker because it provides a hotter and much more easily controlled heat source. If you are buying a table-top Syphon, do yourself a favor and get one of these as well.

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