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Sowden SoftBrew Oskar Coffee Brewer 12 Cup

Elegant and remarkably simple, you control the time, temp and grind. Perfect for Single Origin coffees and Cold Brew. Read Full Description.


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SoftBrew™ Coffee
The increasing mystification and complication of making coffee has been a trend for years. George Sowden has gone in the opposite direction with SoftBrew™ With a back-to-basics, old fashioned approach, using a jug and hot water, the coffee brewed with a SoftBrew™ filter is as good as the beans it is brewed other words, the natural taste of coffee! The good thing is that you can finally taste the difference between a Colombian and a Kenyan coffee at whatever strength you might want, because you brew coffee the soft way without forcing, pressing, steaming and burning the valuable coffee beans



Advantages of SoftBrew™ coffee
  • Gentle:
    The SoftBrew treats the ground coffee beans gently they simply brew in the water at the heart of the pot.
  • No Squash No squeeze:
    With SoftBrew™ the beans are not squashed and squeezed as in a press pot.
  • Goodbye to over-filtering:
    SoftBrew™ coffee is not excessively filtered as with a paper filter system.
  • Not too hot:
    Making coffee with SoftBrew™ the water temperature is controlled by the user which helps to avoid excessive temperature or pressure that spoils the taste.
  • You are in control:
    Because the coffee is not hidden away in pods or capsules you know what you are using. You are free to choose the coffee, the roast and the grind, without limitations.
  • Less waste:
    Nothing to throw away except the used beans.
• MAX 1.8L - 61 oz
• cm 21 x 12 x 21
• in 8.2 x 4.8 x 8.1
• all parts dishwasher safe


Additional Information

Brand Sowden
Product # ART S003
Brewer Type Cold Brew, Immersion, Other
Boiler Type No

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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Fit & Finish

    love the easy way to make coffee

    Review by cross caffe' on May 11, 2013

    We are just starting a caffe' and decided to try this way of making coffee. I have only used it at home yet, we aren't open at the caffe' yet, but I love the Sowden pot. It's a great way to make some great tasting coffee, and saved us a lot of expense if we had gotten a plumbed in coffee making system.

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