Vibiemme Double DomoBar Espresso Machine Version 4

The Vibiemme (Vee—Bee—Em-may) Double Domobar Version 4 is an exquisitely designed E-61 espresso machine.  Two boilers and PID temperature control are only a handful of features that make this a top notch machine worthy of a spot on your coffee bar.

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One of the main requirements in the design of the Vibiemme Double Domobar was to design and build a dual boiler espresso machine that would not have any performance compromises operating on a common 15 amps electrical circuit found in most U.S. homes. Venia Coffee is proud to offer the version 4 of the Vibiemme Double DomoBar Espresso Machine!

Thanks to an innovative method of controlling the percentage of power to the heating elements, Vibiemme’s Power Management Control System (PMCS) automatically regulates variable power to each heating element. The total amperage draw of the machine will never go over 15 amps using 110-120 volts.  Using this PMCS, only up to 15 amps are required (no 20 amp circuit needs to be added to your kitchen) without any additional switches or internal adjustments.


Insulated Steam & Brew boilers helps keep heat loss to a minimum. 

Drip Tray Design prevents splashing from three way valve discharge. 

2 Water Supply Options: plumb into cold water supply line or use built in reservoir (always use supplied drain kit when pluming into a water supply line). 

Water Reservoir holds 2.1 liters, enough for about 20 shots before refill. 

Independent Steam and Brew Water Boilers allow for brewing and steaming at the same time without a change in brew temperature.

Independent Group Boiler with a 0.5 liter capacity built from copper / 900 watt heating element controlled by the electronic PID.

Insulated Steam Boiler with a 1.9 liter capacity built from copper / 1200 watt heating element, PID controlled.

Gicar PID Temperature Control (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) allows user precise temperature control of the coffee boiler.  Brew temp can be adjusted in increments of +/- .2 degrees C to get the most out of different espresso roasts.

Steam Boiler Pressure Gauge to indicate steam boiler pressure. The setting can be varied by adjusting the PID Control Panel

Brew Pressure Gauge allows for fine tuning of pump pressure for proper espresso extraction. 

Preheated Brew Boiler Water Brew water is pre-heated through a heat-exchange system in the steam boiler allowing for extreme levels of thermal stability in the brew boiler.

Grouphead is a true Vibiemme E 61 commercial group head with pre-infusion.  The E 61 offers a large thermal mass and when combined with the PID brings a level of temperature stability previously unavailable on home machines. 

2 Commercial 58mm Portafilter Handles one portafilter with single spout and single filter basket and one portafilter with dual spout and double filter basket.

Blank Basket Included Also called a "blind" filter basket, used for back-flushing and cleaning.

Accessories ships with a plastic coffee scoop and a plastic tamper (In all reality, you will want to upgrade the tamper).

OPV (over pressure valve) feeds excess water pressure to the drip tray and not the water reservoir - this will allow operation of the direct water connection with having the reservoir fill with overflow water, get moldy, and require constant emptying and cleaning.

Independent Power Control of Steam Boiler allows for brew boiler can remain on and steam boiler powered off to conserve energy when making drinks not requiring milk frothing

15 Amp Power With No Need for Additional Switches or Wiring One of Vibiemme’s main goals when redesigning their double boiler machine was to keep the amperage requirement below the 15 amp mark - not only making it easier to find a connection in any household without needing a dedicated 20 amp circuit, but also to keep energy consumption at a minimum. Thanks to an innovative method of controlling the percentage of power to the heating elements know as PMCS. 

Vibiemme’s Power Management Control System (PMCS) automatically regulates variable power to each heating element. The total amperage draw of the machine will never go over 15 amps using 110-120 volts.

Articulating Steam Arm connected to a dedicated steam boiler powerfully and effortlessly froths the perfect micro-foam. 

Articulating Hot Water Arm delivers plenty of hot water for Americanos and to pre-heat cups if needed.

3-Way Pressure Release Valve built into the E61 grouphead leaves a dry puck in the portafilter basket.

Body Panels made from beautifully polished heavy gauge stainless steel.

Drip Tray  removes easily for cleaning, come with a direct drain kit, and is made from the same beautiful stainless steel as the rest of the machine.

Drain Kit Included Installation of the drain kit is optional and not required for use.

Commercial Motor and Rotary Vane Pump with ability to make a direct water connection or use a water reservoir on the same machine. Includes stainless steel braided hose with 3/8" male thread..

Indicator Lights clearly marked so you can tell which boiler is receiving power.

Rubber Insulating Boots over heating element ends for safety.



Specific Information

Controls: On/Off Switch -  PID Controls

Portafilter Size: 58mm

Grinder Compatibility: This machine requires a high quality burr grinder capable of a fine espresso grind.

PID Type: Gicar

Reservoir: Yes

Direct Plumb: Yes


Warranty Info

Venia Coffee is proud to offer a 2 year Home Parts and Labor Warranty on this item.



Frame: Stainless Steel

Finish:Stainless Steel

Grouphead: Chromed Marine Brass


Technical Data

Usage: Home/Office (Non-Commercial Warranty)

Dimensions (W*D*H): 10.6 inches X  21.0 inches X 16.5 inches

Boiler Size: 0.5 Liters (Brew Water) / 1.9 Liter (Steam)

Boiler Power: 900 W (Brew Water) - 1200 W (Steam)

Weight: ~80 pounds

Shipping Weight: ~82 pounds

Voltage: 110V 15amp

Hz: 60 

Origin: Italy 


Recommended Maintenance

Flush brew-head by cycling the pump for 2-3 seconds after each extraction.

Back-flush with a backflush detergent once every fifty extractions.  We recommend Urnex Full Circle products for backflushing.

Manufacturer recommends descaling steam boiler once a month with a product like Durgol Swiss Espresso Decalcifier.

Descale brew boiler once every three to six months.

Descaling can be performed through reservoir mode to avoid disconnecting the water supply line.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Semi-Automatic espresso machines require a quality grinder (pre-ground coffee will not work) and proper technique, which can take some learning to achieve great results.  We will be happy to discuss this with you before your purchase.  We love talking coffee too, so we would be glad to speak with you after your purchase to help you achieve the most from your machine. 

Additional Information

Brand Vibiemme
Product # DS1GMA2BSWIN
Brewer Type Espresso
Boiler Type Double Boiler

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