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Venia Coffee Warranty Details

Home Espresso Machines:

All of the home espresso machines we sell are covered by a 12 month or 24 month limited manufacture's warranty that covers parts and labor.  Unless "2-Year Warranty" or "24-Month Warranty" are stated on the original invoice, your warranty coverage is 12 months.  Warranty coverage starts on the purchase date and expires either 12 or 24 months from that date. 


What is Covered?

Unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer, warranty coverage includes any parts and labor needed to return your machine to working order.  This applies to repairs needed arising from failure or defect when used according to manufacture instructions and under normal use and conditions.  Shipping costs for shipping machines for warranty repair are the responsibility of the customer.  Return shipping for warranty repair is included free of charge to any physical address withing the continental US. 


What is Not Covered?

Normal "Wear & Tear"  (including but not limited to):

-Steam valve gaskets, portafilters, portafilter baskets, group shower screens, and group gaskets. 

-Scratches, dents, water-marks, discoloration of copper/brass parts, other marring of parts. 

Misuse (including but not limited to):

-Using distilled, deionized, or high mineral content water in your machine.

-Not properly filling & maintaining water level in your machines boiler(s) at initial setup, during the brewing or steaming process, or water leakage caused by improperly maintaining & replacing gaskets. 

-Heating elements that fail due to poor water quality, low water level, or misuse. 

-Scale build-up due to poor water quality and lack of regular descaling.

-Lack of regular cleaning of brew-group and steaming components.

-Using a home machine in a commercial environment.

Lack of Regular Maintenance (including but not limited to):

-Flushing and back-flushing the brew-group.

-Cleaning steam & milk components.


-Replacing group and steam valve gaskets.


-Damage caused by power surges, power failures.

-Plugging your machine into an outlet not rated for the electrical specifications of your machine.

-Improper water pressure or hooking your espresso machine to a hot water supply line. 

-Improper setup that causes damage to the machine, bodily injury, or property damage are not covered.

-Any modifications to the machine and neither damage done to the machine, nor damage to property, nor injury is covered by the warranty.




Commercial Product Warranty

Please see our Commercial Sales Terms & Policies page for commercial product warranty information.


If you have any questions about warranty coverage, please call us at 206-719-8123 or email us at