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Yama TCA-2D 2 Cup Table-Top Coffee Siphon with Alcohol Burner

One of our favorite methods for brewing single origin coffees, the Vacuum Pot / Coffee Syphon is a hands-on, romantic, sensory coffee brewing experience .

Our latest shipment of TCA-2's have a straight upper chamber.  We do not know if this a permanent change in design, but is functionally the same. 

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The syphon brewer (aka Vacuum Pot, Vac-Pot, Vac Pot, Coffee Siphon...) is an excellent process for making brewed coffee.  These brewers utilize a steep-and-release process that starts first with a full immersion of grounds during the brew-water, then finishes by pulling the finished coffee through a filter in the draw-down phase. Syphon Brewers yield a very clear cup that helps the more subtle notes shine through, which often lost or muted in other brew methods. 

Why do we love Vac-Pots so much?  Perhaps it is because, like our sensory driven roasting philosophy, brewing with a syphon is a hands-on, sensory, almost romantic experience. 



Laboratory Quality Borosilicate Glass is durable and withstands daily use.

1-Cup Capacity (approximately 10 ounces) is enough for 1 servings per pot.

Alcohol Burner Included uses denatured alcohol. 

2 Cloth Filters Included


How To Brew with a Vac-Pot 

While Vac Pots can seem complicated and intimidating, they are in reality quite simple to use.  We recommend following the below method to start, then later, after you can consistently achieve great results, tweak and play around a bit.  Remember, great artists first had to master the basic rules and techniques of their craft before they could brake them!  

1. Fill the lower pot with filtered water (we recommend pre-heating in microwave first).

2. Heat water to boil using burner.

3. Place filter into upper portion, feeding the spring clip through the syphon tube.  Grab the chain and pull gently to latch the clip to the end of the syphon tube. 

4. Place upper chamber into the heating lower chamber and rest it is in such a way that a seal is not formed.  (This is for 2 main reasons: first to allow the chain to rest on the bottom of the lower chamber preventing an accidental super-heating of the water*, second to preheat the upper chamber)

4. For a 3-cup Yama, weigh out 19 grams of whole beans and grind to a medium consistency.

5. Once the water comes to a boil, seat the upper chamber in place forming an air-tight seal.  The brew-water will rise into the upper chamber.

6. After all the water is in the upper chamer (aside from a small amount remaining in lower chamber to provide the needed steam),  start your timer and add the ground coffee.  Gently knock down the bloom with a bamboo paddle (doesn't absorb heat).  After 30 seconds perform another knock down of the bloom.

7. After 1:45 to 4 minutes, without breaking the air-lock between chambers, carefully remove from heat, give one gentle stir and watch the draw down phase (if it takes more than 30 seconds, you are likely grinding too fine). Blowing on the lower chamber or wrapping with a damp cloth can quicken the draw-down.

8. Once air starts bubbling in lower chamber, your coffee is ready. Remove upper chamber and pour (it will be hotter than you might be used to, around 200 degrees, so allow it to cool a bit).

9. Enjoy!


*Superheated water is rare,  and will never happen by followng the above procedure.  Don't know what superheated water is?  Watch a quick Mythbusters video to find out. 


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Brand Yama Glass
Product # YAMTCA2D

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